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The Benefits of Acupressure with Yoga

The Benefits of Acupressure with Yoga

Acupressure is a bodywork technique that has been used for thousands of years to alleviate pain, release energy blockages in the body, and increase blood flow -- all in an effort to allow the body to heal itself. Knowing that it also is obvious that it could work hand-in-hand with yoga, which also offers a host of health benefits to the participant. By combining acupressure with yoga, people can increase their overall health and well-being. Read more to find out how to combine these two ancient arts.

Benefits of Yoga and Acupressure

There's a lot more to yoga than relaxation and flexibility -- although those are two main reasons why a person may consider trying yoga. Yoga, like acupressure, has the ability to effect the mind as well as the body. Here are some other benefits that may not be as well-known:

  • Improved balance and strength
  • Eases symptoms with menopause
  • Increases energy
  • Enhances metabolism and encourages weight loss
  • Improved cardiovascular health

Acupressure is the perfect complement to yoga, as it seeks to alleviate tension. Note that a relief from tension can even improve a person's mental state, offering a clearer vision and calmness to tackle any issue of the day. Acupressure offers these health benefits, among others:

  • Decreases pain and tension
  • Increases circulation
  • Enhances relaxation

How to Combine Yoga and Acupressure Practices

One way to reap the benefits of both yoga and acupressure is to undergo an acupressure session after practicing yoga. The Q-Flex is a tool that allows an individual to perform acupressure on themselves -- right in the comfort of their own home. Or, yoga enthusiasts can incorporate acupressure right into their daily yoga practice to not only save time, but also enhance the benefits that one practice gives the other. Since there are a variety of meridians in the body -- the lines running through the body that connect one part to another -- they can be easily stimulated during yoga moves. Here are some ways to incorporate acupressure into a yoga program:

  • Squat: As you engage in yoga's squat pose, apply pressure to the centerline of the chest with the thumbs. Ultimately, this sequence will open the chest, allowing for deeper breathing, clearing of the lungs, and even an emotional release.
  • Head-to-Knee: While in the head-to-knee yoga pose, apply acupressure to the inner area of the foot for approximately 30 seconds. This acupressure line can relieve digestive issues and improve the emotional state to ease symptoms of worry provide a clear vision for the day.
  • Bound Angle: As the bound angle pose is performed, place the right thumb into the center of the bottom of the left foot. This acupressure point is one of the most important, as it provides intense relaxation and even a calming effect in times of stress.

By incorporating acupressure into daily yoga, individuals will discover a sense of calmness, relaxation, and even a relief from overall body tension.

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