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Natural Allergy Remedies To Help Get you Through Spring

Natural Allergy Remedies To Help Get you Through Spring

Natural Remedies for Allergies

Everyone looks forward to the Spring weather with flowers blooming and temperatures rising but many people also have to deal with the wrath of seasonal allergies. If you’ve ever found yourself hiding from fresh flowers or ending up in a sneezing fit after being outside for 10 minutes, you’ve probably tried every allergy medication on the market in hopes of finding relief. Since seasonal allergies are a product of your surrounding environment, you may have luck trying some natural remedies that can help fight your surrounding environment.

The problem with most conventional treatments for allergies is that they treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause of those symptoms.

Allergy medications, eye drops, skin creams and other medications are meant to relieve itchy eyes, congestion, etc but the goal of using a natural remedy is to treat whatever is causing those symptoms. Common allergy medications and treatments can also result in side effects that could make you feel worse in other ways while masking your allergy symptoms.

A good place to start is with food.

Eating a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods can help boost your immune system and give your body the ability to correct itself when allergies start to affect you. Some good foods to focus on including in your diet are garlic, lemons, green leafy vegetables, bone broth, coconut milk and almond butter. In general, if you focus on a diet of real, unprocessed foods, this should help improve your immune system and start to combat those allergy symptoms.

Another natural remedy is eating local honey regularly. The bees in your area local honey beeare pollinating plants and producing honey that contains the pollen that’s causing your allergic reactions. By consuming local honey regularly, you will help your body build up a tolerance to the pollen and this should reduce your symptoms over time. Check your local farmers market for honey that could be the key to your symptom relief!  

Essential oils, specifically frankincense and eucalyptus oil, can also help provide some natural allergy relief.

Eucalyptus oil can be diffused, added to your laundry detergent for its antimicrobial properties, or mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on your chest. Frankincense oil is also a great immune booster and can be diffused or rubbed behind your ears and on your chest to help with allergy relief and overall health.

Other natural remedies you can research are taking apple cider vinegar daily, using a neti pot and adding quercetin to your diet. There are many options out there that will not only provide some relief when allergy season hits but, will also start helping you see reduced symptoms over time.

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