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Hydration 101 | How to Stay Healthy and Hydrated

Hydration 101 | How to Stay Healthy and Hydrated

Drinking water is important and this is not news. Sometimes it’s worth revisiting the facts behind why this is important though! A few things worth noting include what water actually does for your body and how much you should be drinking every day. You remember from science class that humans are roughly 60% water but did you know that blood is made up of 90% water?

Water is essential for many bodily functions can affect your skin in multiple ways, and can actually help with weight loss.


The benefits of drinking water are many, which is why it has been ingrained in your brain to make sure you drink enough water. To start, water helps flush toxins and other bad stuff through your body. Water basically acts as a cleaning system for your internal organs. Water also helps lubricate joints and keep them moving with ease, can protect sensitive tissues, reduce headaches, and much more.

Hydration can also play a role in your energy levels and brain function.


Even small amounts of dehydration can affect brain functions and affect your ability to concentrate, regulate your mood, and decrease energy. Water is also a must for physical activity, which is fairly obvious, but when you sweat you are losing water so you need to replenish it.

So how much water should you drink every day?


Here’s where it gets more complicated. There are actually no agreed upon universal standards for how much water you should be drinking each day. Here’s what we know: it’s pretty rare that you would drink too much water in a day. While overhydrating is theoretically possible and potentially dangerous, it would take a significant amount of water in a short time to get to that point. Some people recommend at least 64 ounces, some recommend half your body weight in ounces, the list goes on. It’s probably safe to shoot for somewhere in between 64 and 100 ounces but just make sure to listen to your body and what works for you.

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