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How to Alleviate Neck Pain

How to Alleviate Neck Pain

You never know how much you need your neck until you're unable to move it. From driving to cooking to just walking down the street, being unable to swivel the neck is actually a very dangerous thing. Find out what causes neck pain and how to relieve it when it happens to you.

Causes of Neck Pain

Some neck pain is centrally located in the neck, while others could experience the pain in the shoulders and even the arms as well. Whether the pain is dull and constant or sharp and infrequent, it quickly becomes more than an annoyance. Here are some of the most common causes of neck pain:

  • Carrying a heavy burden -- as in a backpack, purse, child, or bags of groceries
  • Using the ear and shoulder as a phone holder -- this places an intense strain on the neck
  • Stress -- many people tend to hunch up their shoulders when stressed. Doing this for prolonged periods can actually strain the muscles in the neck.
  • Slouching -- listen to your mom and stand up straight. Again, the pressure placed on the neck when the rest of the body isn't pulling its weight can cause pain and strain.
  • Improper sleep position -- when the neck isn't properly supported at night, you could wake up with neck pain.

How To Relieve Neck Pain

Typical neck pain issues disperse within a few days. However, some neck pain is chronic and should be evaluated by a doctor to ensure a larger, more dangerous issue is not going on. For those who are suffering from typical neck pain, try these remedies at home:

  • Apply ice. Ice can help reduce inflammation in the neck area, thereby alleviating the pain.
  • Apply heat. Take a steamy shower to help the muscles in the neck relax.
  • Turn the head from side to side, ear to shoulder, and chin to chest. Be sure to do this gently and stop if it becomes painful.
  • Either from a professional, a partner, or even yourself, gently massaging the painful area can help lengthen the muscle and ease the pain.

Acupressure for Neck Pain

Acupressure is another great way to alleviate neck pain. An ancient Chinese art, acupressure has helped to ease neck pain for centuries. The best part about acupressure -- other than getting rid of your neck pain -- is that it can be achieved right at home with the Q-Flex acupressure device. This allows the user to properly apply acupressure to any hard-to-reach area of the body, particularly on the neck and back. Here are some tips to alleviate neck pain with Q-Flex:

  • Apply pressure on the top of the shoulder, about two fingers from the neck.
  • Apply pressure to the back of the neck, about one finger down from the base of the skull.
  • Another pressure point to manipulate is right under the base of the skull, where you feel a small indent; this area is perfect to relieve neck pain, shoulder tension and headaches as well.

By manipulating these areas with your fingers or Q-Flex, neck pain may be alleviated. If neck pain becomes persistent or worsens, it's best to check in with your doctor to ensure a bigger issue isn't happening. Check out our Pressure Points page to find out more acupressure areas to alleviate many types of pain and discomfort.


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