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Q-Flex is on QVC and Brookestone!

Q-Flex is on QVC and Brookestone!

Watch us live on QVC tonight at 10:28 EST! We will be selling The Q-Flex for a low low price! 

The Q-Flex is now in Brookstone

Q-Flex at Brookestone

We're excited to unveil The Q-Flex at all Brookstone locations this November just in time for the Holidays! So if you live near a Brookstone store you can now pick one up for yourself, friends, and family members.

Andrea at Brookestone with the Q-Flex

Andrea happened to find a Brookstone in a shopping center and was pleasantly surprised with what she found inside.

-the Q-Flex Accupressure Team

Environmentally Friendly

QFlex uses recyclable plastic. We are proud to be conscientious of our environment, and reducing our carbon footprint

Innovative Design

Our patented design is specifically made to hit hard to reach areas. The unique pear-shaped tip and flexible core allow for accurate pressure

Made in America

We take pride in being 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA